Christmas Poems
26.04.2017 / 10.54 am
by Christmas Poems for Kids by Cara
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The excitement of Christmas brings people close
The ones that once fought now closer than most
No room for hatred, only room for love
On this special day, to thank God above

The Christmas spirit that is shared right through December
is a feeling so content, one to always remember
the day finally comes around again for the year
no more waiting, Christmas is finally here

All the children get up early and tiptoe around
Trying not to wake the asleep, they do not make a sound
They check the tree and see the presents with their name
Trying to guess what is inside, becomes a game

The stockings are filled with lollies and sweets
the reindeer must have eaten the left out treats
the milk is gone and the carrots nowhere to be found
there is even some hoof prints outside on the ground

The oldies finally wake so it is time to feast
the amount of food on the table soon decreased
The gifts get handed out, the kids grin with delight
Their enthusiasm makes their faces so bright

So another Christmas flys by so fast
The whole gang had such a blast
Creating more memories to forget, never
The love of a family to last forever

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ayesha at 2011-11-22

wow fantastic poem whoevere wrote this it really help me with my assinment !!!!!!! happy christmas
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